EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) — The Ohio Department of Natural Resources had some fun Sunday educating the public on what it does.

On Sunday, it hosted “Little Beaver Creek Stream Life Day” at Beaver Creek State Park.

The interactive afternoon allowed the community to learn about all the things ODNR agencies do along Little Beaver Creek.

It highlighted the different ways the departments try to practice conservation along the stream to protect the quality, while also providing ways for the public to enjoy the beautiful resource.

There were demonstrations and activities, including electrofishing and target practice. They even brought a fish sampling unit out into the stream to put them in aquariums and show just how many different species of fish there are in the creek.

“When we can educate the public and show them some of these different species that live in here, hopefully we can kind of convince them to do things, different conservation practices to help us keep this stream really nice,” said Matthew Smith with ODNR.

Its been quite a few years since ODNR has hosted this event. Smith said they hope to continue doing this in years to come.