New York limo crash raises questions on how local limos are inspected

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As details continue to emerge about the investigation into the New York limo crash that left 20 dead last weekend, we decided to look into how the inspections work locally.

The limousine service involved in the New York crash is under fire. Police arrested the son of the owner, who is considered the company’s “operator,” and charged him with criminally negligent homicide for his role in the accident.

Now there’s information that the limo driver didn’t have a proper license and the vehicle failed recent safety inspections.

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Owner Mark Bagnoli said the inspections depend on the amount of passengers the
vehicles carry.

“The CDL vehicles, which seat 16 people or more — 15 with the driver — or over 26,000 pounds, those require more inspections. They need an annual inspection just to get a license plate. That’s when your local government comes in, like the State Highway Patrol, and they’ll do that inspection.”

There are also required quarterly inspections.

“You have to document those quarterly inspections and that’s the same inspection that the State Highway Patrol does but you do it internally,” Bagnoli said.

He said limos actually aren’t inspected by Highway Patrol every year.

“Anything that’s not CDL required…they come in and inspect you but it could be every couple years. It’s not as thorough as the CDL vehicles.”

However, if the limo seats more than 15 passengers, then it does have to be inspected to get its license plate. Bagnoli said those cars are checked pretty thoroughly during the inspections.

“They check everything. They check anything that’s missing, cracked, broken, worn out, looking like it’s going to be worn out.”

If the vehicle does need to have anything fixed, the state will check to make sure it’s taken care of before the car goes back on the road.

“They’ll put you out of service until you get those repairs fixed and once those repairs are fixed, you have to have the vehicle inspected again before you can start hauling passengers,” Bagnoli said.

He said drivers have to go through an intense training and have the proper licensing before they are hired to drive.

People renting can go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and search the limo
company they are renting from to check up on inspections.

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