From retirement to Wellsville mayor: his hopes, plans

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WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) — A man born and raised in Wellsville is now mayor — and it’s his first week on the job.

Robert Boley (D) talked about his hopes for the village and the challenges he may face.

“It’s an easier transition when you have the people we have working here,” Boley said.

Boley was in retirement when he was approached by multiple people with the idea of running for mayor after the death of Nancy Murray.

His biggest goal is unifying the village.

“For us to move forward, everyone has got to be involved,” Boley said.

Boley wants to work on cleaning up the litter around Wellsville, getting lines painted on the roads, providing more parking and continuing to tear down old buildings that are falling apart.

He thinks one of the challenges could be finding the funds to do these projects.

“I want to move forward on veterans flags. We’re the only village or city around that doesn’t have them and I want to move forward quickly on that,” Boley said.

He also wants to start a crime watch committee and said fighting the drug problem in the community is another major issue.

“I want to get different speakers in here and have that as an open meeting for people who might be having problems with opioids, young people, or the parents who have problems with their children or maybe lost children,” Boley said.

He’s looking for community input on cleaning the village up and said it can’t just be the mayor’s office and council.

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