NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s been just over a week since former New Middletown Police Chief Vince D’Egidio resigned. Only later did we learn about sexually-oriented material being found on his office computer.

Monday night, village council met for the first time since his resignation.

Mary Haney, a New Middletown resident for more than 40 years, attended the meeting and said she is still in total shock.

“To post this stuff on the computer is like, ‘What were you thinking?'” she said.

Haney said other residents are still trying to process D’Egidio’s resignation as well.

“Everywhere you go it’s like, ‘Can you believe this?’ Like, ‘No, can you?’ ‘No!'” she said.

D’Egidio’s resignation was officially accepted at the meeting by all six council members.

Mayor Harry Kale also announced that Officer Brooke McCon has been appointed to sergeant and is stepping up to take over the duties that D’Egidio had.

“Basically everything the chief did. I’m doing payroll now until we get our acting chief or part-time chief that they’re talking about,” McCon said.

All six council members voted in favor of Mayor Kale’s motion to search for a new part-time administrative chief. That person would fulfill administrative duties and McCon would be on the road.

“It’s a little overwhelming but I think I can handle it. I learn pretty fast,” McCon said.

McCon said that even through all of the transitions, they are still committed to keeping residents safe.

“Nothing’s really changed. We’re all still out there, we’re all patrolling our whole entire shift, we still take our calls,” McCon said.

The council also approved hiring one more full-time police officer.

The search for a new part-time chief starts immediately.