MILTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Jackson-Milton Elementary School has implemented a new literacy program for the students. It’s Called “AMPLIFY.” The program is a unique approach focused on the science of reading.

The program is helping students take reading to the next level and become stronger readers and thinkers.

“The brain learns reading. We have found is not designed to read. It’s designed to hear and see it, so now we have to teach them to read, and they learn to read by hearing the sounds that they learn,” said Principal Tom Sullivan.

This multi-pronged approach familiarizes students with new vocabulary and the ability to make inferences on the meaning of text.

Kids at the school cover a variety of topics from fiction to non-fiction and subjects they may come across on standardized tests.

“This curriculum is allowing our teachers to teach them to get the text evidence that they need from a passage, compare it to another passage, and write their answers on a test,” Sullivan said.

Reading is a skill we learn at a very young age and use for the rest of our lives. That’s why it’s so important kids are encouraged to read.

“We can get that base that they need. They will be more successful as they grow and the language gets greater and greater,” Sullivan said.

Jackson Milton students spend over an hour each day on the program.

“They try to decipher and understand all of this. I want to try to make it easier for them going through and give them the skills they need to continue to read and get better as the language gets greater and greater,” Sullivan said.