New law in Boardman says pets can’t be left outside in cold

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The weather’s getting colder and that means your pets need to come inside. In Boardman that’s not your choice — it’s the law.

Last year, Boardman Township Trustees got calls about animals left to freeze.

“Complaints about dogs being left outside in negative 10-degree weather,” said Jason Loree, a Boardman Twp. administrator.

So the trustees did something about it.

Early this year, they got a tethering law on the books. It includes rules on how long a dog can be tied up outdoors and what type of tether can be used.

If there’s a cold weather advisory, they can’t be left out at all.

“If it’s too cold for you, it’s going to be too cold for them,” Loree said. “So make sure you do standby if you let them out using a tether.”

Dogs aren’t the only ones left to suffer in the cold.

“During the winter, we’ll get several cats in with their ears frozen and they lose them because of frost bite,” said Kimm Koocher of West Side Cats. “The paw pads will be frozen.”

If you take care of outdoor cats, give them a box filled with straw to sleep in and keep them full.

“Make sure that they have a water source that is not frozen,” Koocher said. “Make sure that they have a food source that is not frozen. Calories are very important to them.”

Most importantly, keep an eye out for any four-legged friends shivering outside. You just might save their life.

“If you see a neighbor and a dog may be out and you’re a little concerned, do not hesitate to call the police department,” Loree said. “That’s their job. And it’s just a part of an overall wellness of the community.”

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