New Indian restaurant in Liberty becomes 1 of few in the area

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Shangrila is serving up Nepalese-Indo fusion food

LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) – A new Indian restaurant has opened in Liberty. Shangrila is serving up Nepalese-Indo fusion food on Belmont Avenue.

It’s one of only a few Indian restaurants in the area.

After opening just two weeks ago, the restaurant is already having success with customers coming back for more meals.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been here more than three times actually. I really like the food,” said customer Regan Ghimire.

The family owned business offers many different Indian style meals. They also have options to suit different dietary needs.

“We have a selection of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and a selection of vegan and dairy-free options,” said Anushka Shrestha, a family member of the owner.

“My favorite is dumplings, Asian dumplings, with Nepalese style. It’s really good,” said Ghimire.

Indian food is not as common in the Youngstown area. In fact, within a 15 mile radius of the city, there are only four Indian restaurants.

When asked why so few exist in the area, Shrestha said, “It could be because of the population in Youngstown. We do have a limited number of Indian and Nepalese people here. Not that many, so that could be one of the factors.”

Shangrila is also spreading the culture of India and Nepal to the local community.

“The food, I mean, the culture. You know, the culture is something that brings everybody in here. Now, the food is going to bring everybody together,” Ghimire said.

And serving the food is what makes the workers happy.

“If our food is giving people some kind of joy or comfort, then we’ll be doing our part,” Shrestha said.

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