SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) — Artwork can be expensive. However, some new technology in the area could lessen that price for sprucing up your home or business. A local entrepreneur is bringing instant drying paint printing to the Valley which means more jobs for the area.

Shaun DaVill walked us through the process of his new business, D’Art by DaVill — technology that comes from Germany.

“I can print a picture, I can print a vector file and just really put art space up. I mean we can do a custom art piece on any surface,” said DaVill.

Surfaces such as storefront windows, brick, interior walls, and canvases. DaVill said he can get really creative with this or do something as simple as a family photo, and the process isn’t long.

“So you can get exactly what you want in a really short amount of time. Like this is going to be done here in about 25 minutes,” said DaVill.

According to DaVill, it’s much cheaper than your typical pieces of art and it doesn’t have to be permanent either.

“There was a huge mural here yesterday. In just one coat of paint,” said DaVill. Now it’s gone.

DaVill said he enjoys bringing new ideas to the area. He brought a Nitrogen Ice Cream shop to the area about three and a half years ago. He enjoys investing in the Valley.

“It’s stuff you’re going to see in bigger cities usually quicker. I like to be that but here,” said DaVill.

This machine is not only going to bring something new and exciting to the area, but it’s also going to provide jobs for a special group of people.

“Well, I think it’s important to hire people with special needs because of the value it brings to my life. They’re always overlooked and devalued because maybe they can’t do what we can do. Well they can do more than what we can do,” said DaVill.

DaVill believes the process of creating the art will give his employees a sense of accomplishment.