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Neighbors love the Fourth of July but not the cleanup

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AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Fourth of July is always fun until the next day when piles of trash are left behind by those setting off fireworks or debris along a parade route.

Many times, community groups volunteer to clean up, but it’s not always immediate and sometimes there are areas that don’t get picked up at all unless a neighbor does it.

David Starr, President of Handels Neighborhood Association says it’s a matter of being respectful.

“I have no problem with people setting off fireworks on the Fourth of July. That’s a great thing to do – love it. The problem is if you are going to set them off, clean up the debris afterward,” he said.

Star understands that the cleanup might not get done that night, but he believes it should be cleaned up the next morning.

“And it’s just a matter of being respectful to other people and being a good neighbor,” Star said.

Many cities held Fourth of July events throughout the weekend. Parades usually involve lots of candy. Racoon Road in Austintown is filled with candy wrappers, trash, as well as remnants from the small “pop it”

“I think it doesn’t present a good look for the community, and I know we’ve been trying to improve our property for the community, so yeah, that would not present a good look, and that’s why we made sure we took care of our area,” said Elaine Dijsheff, property manager for Greenbriar Village Apartments.

Djisheff said she had her lawn care worker out cleaning Monday morning. For the four years she has been the property manager, she said they have always had to clean up their area after the parade.

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