Nearly week after storm, downed trees and live wires still litter Youngstown street

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The schools had to move a bus stop because it was not safe for the kids

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Downed trees, active wires and closed roads — that’s what some Youngtown residents are still dealing with nearly a week after severe storms.

Last Sunday, powerful storms ripped through the Valley and the clean-up is all but complete — except for one street on Youngstown’s north side.

“Basically, no one can get through. The road crews have been everywhere else but here,” Renee White said.

Neighbors on Kensington and Tod said it started with one tree down, then one utility pole, then another pole came crashing down Friday morning.

Low-hanging wires are left behind — and they’re still live.

“Who knows what could happen? What if we got another storm and the pole that’s bowing this way — what if another tree comes down and that pole snaps? That’s more of a mess to clean up,” White said.

The fragile poles and low wires caused a school bus stop to be moved for the first week of classes. A bus driver didn’t feel safe getting anywhere near it.

“We never want any child to be in harm’s way,” said Colleen Murphy-Penk, chief of transportation at Youngstown City Schools. “This often happens and we have a lot of road closures here in Youngstown, downed trees, icy road conditions.”

Even though the schools are taking the right steps to protect their kids, neighbors are still waiting for answers from whoever is responsible for cleaning up this mess.

“This is part of their route and it’s being blocked by these trees and pole and nothing is being done about it,” White said.

We reached out to multiple services and learned the wires belong to AT&T. AT&T told us they’re waiting for the Youngstown Street Department to take the trees down before crews can start work to repair the poles.

The street department said it can’t touch the trees because there are live wires on them. The department said it is responsible for notifying AT&T about the wires — which it did — and closing the road until AT&T can deal with them. Then, the department will send crews to clean up the trees.

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