BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Some local students are taking on the enormous task of performing a show never done by any other school in the area.

The Boardman Drama Guild is presenting the musical “Jekyll and Hyde” at Boardman High School. The show opens on Thursday and details the struggle between good and evil with one actor playing both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Henry Jekyll decides to make himself the subject of his own experiments when he accidentally unleashes his inner demons and becomes Mr. Edward Hyde.

“‘Jekyll and Hyde’ is a really heavy show that deals with a lot of topics that most high schools are too afraid to take on,” said Boardman senior Adriana Trafficante, who plays the character of Lucy Harris. “I think that it’s really incredible that we have a teenage cast putting on a show of this caliber.”

The show requires an extensive set, costumes and cast to pull it off.

“This is the most professional and serious production Boardman High School has ever put on,” said Boardman senior Keegan Kilpatrick, who is playing the lead role of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde. “The last time that we even had a show of this caliber was ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ about 10 years ago.”

‘Jekyll and Hyde’ opens Thursday and runs through Saturday. All three performances will be at 7 p.m. at the Boardman Performing Arts Center. Tickets can be bought right now online or purchased at the door. For more information and to get tickets, click here.