(WKBN) – Trumbull County government leaders, including Sheriff Paul Monroe and Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa, have filed a motion in federal court claiming there was never a “grand conspiracy” to arrest Niki Frenchko and that Frenchko’s claims evidence was destroyed have “no basis.”

The arrest occurred in July of last year when sheriff’s deputies arrested Frenchko for disrupting a commissioners meeting. The charges were later dropped.

The motion filed on Wednesday stated there was probable cause that Frenchko was breaking the law. The motion stated that her “intentional interruptions obstructed the meeting.”

Concerning Frenchko’s claim that Sheriff Monroe and others destroyed text messages, the response was that “[Frenchko] has not demonstrated a viable public records request which any defendant was obligated to honor, and she cannot demonstrate she was aggrieved by any alleged destruction of public records.”

In her motion, Frenchko asked the judge to rule — without a trial — that her First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated and that those responsible for her arrest should suffer for their actions.

But the motion filed by Trumbull County officials wants the judge to rule in their favor without a trial, stating there are no facts that “would entitle Frenchko to relief.”

The motion filed on Wednesday can be found below.