POLAND, Ohio (WKBN)In May, we first told you about a nonprofit bringing awareness to the dangers of fentanyl. It has gained lots of traction over the summer and at the end of September, it will have its first big event.

Donna McAuley started A.M. Wake Up Call to honor her daughter Amanda, who passed away from street-laced fentanyl in April.

Donna has put up several billboards around the Valley, which say “Don’t Use the ‘F’ Word. Fentanyl is Fatal,” hoping to bring awareness to the drug’s dangers.

Later this month, her nonprofit will have its first annual A.M. Wakeup Walk.

“Not only to bring more awareness, it’s also to remember our loved ones,” said McAuley.

Donna says bringing the community together is one of the best ways to raise awareness for her cause.

“I know so many lost loved ones. Amanda’s best friend, just so many lost young people that I know need the support,” said McAuley.

A.M. Wakeup Call co-director Ron King agrees.

“Support is something that drives change. You know, the fact that people come together on an issue, can unite on an issue, it can drive the change that we want,” said King.

McAuley encourages those who’ve lost a loved one to drugs to send a picture of them for the walk. They will be put on yard signs throughout the route. She and King are also encouraging kids to take part.

“This is even though I may not understand it at this particular point, I remember this because it was a paramount, important issue to my community,” said King.

The 5-mile walk will start at 10 a.m. at Poland Seminary High School on Sept. 30. Shuttles will also help people who may not be able to walk the full distance.