‘Moral obligation’: Group in Youngstown protests border facility conditions

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Nearly a hundred people gathered to protest the conditions migrants are facing on our southern borders

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Almost 100 people gathered in Youngstown Friday to protest what’s happening along the southern border.

The crowd at Unitarian Universalist Church was part of nationwide protests against what they’re calling “human concentration camps.”

Both immigrants and Youngstown-born community members were there, sharing words of protest, hope and empowerment.

Nearly a hundred people gathered inside the Unitarian Universalist Church to protest the conditions migrants are facing on our southern borders and across the United States.

“Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere,” said Sarina Chatman, of Youngstown.

Thirteen people stood up and addressed the crowd. They talked about the protection of children and human rights.

“We have to care about our people. They’re our people.”

“They’re our brothers and sisters. They’re our children.”

Some were local church members and some were statewide advocates, but there were also YSU students representing a younger generation.

“As a community, even in Youngstown, that we should come together and really address this issue that’s happening because it’s inhumane,” Chatman said.

“If I say something, maybe it will inspire someone else to say something or do something,” Kira Walker said.

Some speakers also responded to President Trump’s plan for thousands of raids happening around the country this weekend.

“It’s the peak of summer where kids should be out playing, but they’re going to be inside because the families don’t want to bring any attention to themselves,” Veronica Dahlberg said.

Following the speakers, people gathered across the street in Wick Park for a candlelight vigil.

Violeta Aguirre, who comes from a family of immigrants, was touched to see so many people out supporting the cause.

“We have a moral obligation as human beings to help each other and it would be nice if we just got back to that,” she said.

CNN is reporting the Trump administration has agreed to allow a Stanford University pediatrician to conduct an independent investigation into conditions for migrant children at border facilities.

Senator Rob Portman visited the southern border in McAllen, Texas Friday. On Sunday, Senator Sherrod Brown will be visiting the southern border in El Paso, Texas.

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