YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A local market is striving to make a big impact in the community — and it’s on wheels.

The Mahoning Valley Mobile Market made a stop at the ESA Apartment complex in Youngstown earlier Friday. The Mahoning Valley has been doing pop-up markets for four years. However, this is its second Mobile Market of the year.

ACTION organizer Vicki Vicars said there is a clear need for this portable grocery store.

“With this 28-feet vehicle, we can get more locations, we can reach more people, and we can do it year-round, and not just in the warm summer months,” said Vicars.

The Mahoning Valley Market is a collaboration with ACTION and The Flying High Organization.

The Mobile Market said there is a great need for more access to healthy foods in the community after the FDA declared Youngstown a food desert in 2018.

“It means that the access because of transportation, because of cost and because of locations of grocery stores those are barriers for folks,” said Vicars.

Starting in July, the market plans to be available three times a week at various locations around the city. The Mobile Market creates more healthy food accessibility, which is important for a developing community.

The Market offers many options and even grows some of its own produce.

“We used to have just fruits and vegetables. Now, we have frozen foods, meats, dairy, bread products, anything you can think of,” said volunteer Sonja Voytko.

The Mobile Market’s goal is to help make Mahoning Valley as healthy as possible.

“Ultimate goal is to improve the health of the Valley. We know that there are so many medical conditions that thrive because we are not getting healthy food, so ultimately that’s what we want — healthy residents,” said Vicars.

The Mobile Market is trying to reach all the senior living places and neighborhoods with families. It has plans to make a stop at St. John Lutheran Church on Friday, June 24.