(WKBN) — As more snow comes to the area, your morning commute could be impacted. The Ohio Department of Transportation is heading out Tuesday to prepare the roads.

More than 40 crews will be out in the next couple of days in Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

They recommend giving yourself enough time for your morning drive and stress the importance of making sure you give the plows enough room to work.

“You may wonder why on an entrance ramp a plow truck’s merging over two lanes; well, it’s because they are trying to get to the berm or the fast lane,” said Ray Marsch, ODOT’s District 4 public information officer. “They have specific lanes that they need to treat, so if you see them with their turn signal on and they’re trying to get over, it just makes their job so much easier when you let them through.”

Marsch says crews will be working 12-hour shifts, and their goal is to make the roads passable, not perfect.