YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Mill Creek Park Board Commissioner Michael Senchak has resigned from the Park Board of Commissioners.

Senchak was appointed in January, and his term was expected to run through December 2018. Mahoning County Probate Judge Robert N. Rusu, Jr. said Senchak emailed him Thursday about the resignation, citing personal reasons for his departure.

Rusu, who is responsible for appointing commissioners to the board, said he is forming a selection committee to help screen potential applicants for the position. The committee will consist of people who are concerned with and who have a knowledge and connection to the park, Rusu said.

He said the committee would “keep the process transparent,” especially in the midst of several complaints made regarding Mill Creek Park Executive Director Aaron Young’s leadership and requests made for his removal.

“I want everyone who has a stake in the park to have a seat at the table,” he said.

He said as Probate Judge, he is entrusted with the appointment of commissioners as “Probate Court is the least controversial, the least adversarial, and the least political county elected position.” He added that he is trained in the law, fairness and due process, and decisions of the Probate Court are subject to review and Ohio Supreme Court oversight.

“I view this selection committee as a first step in building trust with the individuals who have expressed their displeasure of the park operations. They will screen potential park commissioner candidates and then recommend a small group of qualified people that I can choose from to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Senchak,” Rusu said.

He said the top five to seven candidates will then be forwarded to him for the final decision. He expects the process to take two to three weeks.

The park’s commissioners are unpaid, volunteer positions.