MERCER, Pa. (WKBN) – Several local counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania have begun or completed property tax reassessments. Mercer County is in the process right now.

The county has contracted with Tyler Technologies to help them with the task, but scammers are trying to confuse homeowners, according to Mercer County District Attorney Peter Acker.

Acker said that imposters have left orange door hangers on some residents’ doors with a 1-800 number telling them that they need to schedule an appointment for an indoor inspection of their home.

Tyler Technologies is currently working in West Middlesex and Shenango Borough. Acker said all of the employees’ pictures are on the Mercer County website.

Acker wants anyone who received one of those orange door hangers to keep it and call the police department.

Also, do not permit anyone posing as an employee of Tyler Technologies to enter your house. Do not call the 1-800 number to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions, contact the Mercer County District Attorney’s Office at 724-662-3800 x2287.