Mercer Co. Marine surprises 6-year-old at daddy-daughter dance

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MERCER, Pa. (WYTV) – Over the weekend, one Mercer County 6-year-old got the surprise of a lifetime when her U.S. Marine father surprised her during a daddy-daughter dance she was attending. It’s a video that has been viewed over 50,000 times and shared hundreds more on Facebook.

Amillia Stowers was called to the middle of the dance floor Saturday night during the father-daughter dance at Mercer High School. A moment of comfort was offered by a veteran, who told the kindergartner anyone in that room would be willing to dance with her, but if she just turned around…

“I was really surprised and when me and Daddy were dancing, I didn’t take my eyes off [of him],” Amillia said.

A cell phone video captured the emotional moment when Amillia saw her dad, Kaleb, for the first time in over a year.Video: Amillia dances with her daddy

Kaleb is currently stationed in California.

“He got on the plane and got here Friday night at midnight,” said Amanda Stowers, Amillia’s mom.

“He made it just for the dance! He made it just in time!” Amillia said.

Amanda knew about the surprise since Valentine’s Day.

“It was so hard to keep it from her but I let the school know that Daddy was coming home, and then the school really came together and threw this huge surprise together,” she said.

Since sharing the video online, several people have sent Amanda and Amillia photos of the sweet father-daughter moment. One, in particular, was framed and given to Amillia by her school bus driver. She had it with her as her dad headed back to California early Sunday morning.

Amillia will see her dad again soon. He’s set to fly home in a little over three weeks.

As for her new viral video fame, Amillia said, “It’s really cool!”

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