YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The man who was attacked in a courtroom brawl in Youngstown last week finally learned his sentence for the murder of Elizabeth Pledger.

Dale Williams’ first sentencing had to be postponed when Pledger’s sons attacked him in court last week.

But the scene was much different in court on Monday, where a dozen sheriff’s deputies were placed throughout the room.

Judge Maureen Sweeney sentenced Williams to 23 years to life.

In June 2017, Williams shot and killed Pledger on Market Street in Youngstown.

Pledger’s family talked about the woman they say didn’t deserve any of this.

“Just to let everyone know who Tammy was. Elizabeth Pledger Stewart, better known as Tammy, was a mother, a friend, a sister and aunt, and so much more to so many others,” said Andre Elliott, a family friend.

Elliott is best friends with Pledger’s son. He says Pledger took him in when he was just a child.

“From that point, a bond just grew like no other, and the love she had for so many individuals was taken away,” Elliott said.

In Monday’s court hearing, the victim’s aunt apologized to the court for last week’s brawl.

“When we saw his face we felt so much emotion due to a flashback, how he killed my niece,” said Janice Dees.

Dees said she felt Williams had no remorse, and her family is now left with heartbreak.

“We will be broken for the rest of our lives and the hole will never be filled,” she said.

Elliot said he is thankful for Judge Sweeney’s judgment in court.

“She did a really good job in the courtroom, making sure that he will never see the light and day again. So we just thank her for that,” he said.

The two men accused in the brawl were also in court on Monday, right across the street from Williams’ hearing.

Anthony Dees and Jerome Stewart are being charged with assault and obstructing official business.

They were supposed to be arraigned last week, but the case was put on hold because of bomb threats at the courthouse on Friday.