YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A man who has been convicted twice in federal court on drug charges now faces an indictment in a third drug case.

A grand jury in the U.S. Northern District Court of Ohio Thursday indicted Patrick Omeara, 55, on two counts of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

He has been free on bond since he was released Nov. 21 from the Trumbull County jail, three days after he was arrested following a traffic stop on Interstate 80 in Trumbull County.

A criminal complaint in the federal case said a car Omeara was driving was pulled over at mile marker 216 after a trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol saw that the car was following too close behind another car.

The complaint said Omeara appeared to be very nervous when talking to the trooper, so he was asked to get out of the car and a drug sniffing dog from the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office was called to the stop.

The dog detected the odor of drugs in the trunk and when the trunk was searched the trooper found four kilos of cocaine in a duffel bag in the trunk, the complaint said.

The indictment in the case said Omeara also had a .12-gauge shotgun and a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol in the car when he was pulled over.

Omeara also has two previous drug convictions in federal court, one from 2003 in northern district and another one from 2011 in the Western District Court of Michigan. Those convictions bar him from having a gun.

Attached to the indictment is a specification allowing the government to seize over $85,000 cash found in the car as well as the guns. Prosecutors are also asking for an enhanced penalty if Omeara is convicted because of his two previous drug convictions.