GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) — A man who reports said was giving a Girard police officer an obscene gesture early Thursday was cited for disorderly conduct after he reportedly approached the officer and admitted to being drunk.

A summons was issued to Maxwell Horne, 30. A police report did not list an address.

Reports said the officer was on patrol about 2:30 a.m. on East Prospect Street near Lawrence Avenue when he saw a man walking on the sidewalk who was stumbling and appeared to be making some kind of gesture.

The officer went to check on the man because of a recent series of break-ins in the area, reports said. When the officer greeted him, reports said the man, who was later identified as Horne, made an obscene gesture with both hands, said he dislikes police and added there was nothing the officer could do about it because he was just walking home, reports said.

As the officer drove away, reports said Horne continued pacing him on the sidewalk, yelling at him, and then ran ahead of the cruiser in the middle of the street. At first, he was running backward and giving the obscene gestures; then, he ran toward the cruiser, reports said.

The officer got out of the cruiser and Horne walked toward him briskly, reports said, before squaring up like he wanted to fight. The officer drew his stun weapon and ordered Horne to put his hands on the hood of the cruiser, which Horne did.

Horne asked the officer if he would be written up for being drunk. The officer asked him if he was drunk, and Horne reportedly replied yes. Reports said Horne smelled heavily of alcohol and his eyes were glazed. Reports said Horne also told the officer: “Dude, we got 10 bars in this city. Everybody gets drunk. That’s how it goes.”

Horne was taken to the police station, where he was booked and given his summons with a court date.