Man, 80, accused of groping women in Newton Falls

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NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WYTV) – An elderly man was charged over the weekend with sexual imposition after police said he grabbed the buttocks of several women at a party at an apartment complex.

James Scott, 80, of 500 Freedom Drive Apt. 111, was issued a summons Saturday and was arraigned Tuesday in Newton Falls Municipal Court. Court records do not indicate the outcome of the hearing.

According to a police report, a 55-year-old woman and her 26-year-old daughter, both of Kent, were at the apartment complex Saturday evening for a surprise birthday party for the woman’s mother. The woman told police there were some people that did not show up for the party, so they began to invite some other residents, including Scott.

The report states Scott twice touched the woman’s buttocks and asked her if she liked it, to which she replied “no.” Scott continued touching the woman’s buttocks even after being told to stop twice, the report states.

Her daughter told police that Scott was following her around at the party and he kept trying to hug her and also was touching her buttocks, the report states.

“The overt touching brought enough attention that a male friend that had come along with her had to get in between her and James to stop him from touching her,” the officer wrote in his report.

The daughter said her brother also had to stand in between her and Scott in an attempt to make him stop. Scott asked her several times if she was married and told her he was available to be with, the report states.

Police later learned from the apartment manager that Scott has been accused of this behavior previously and the manager provided written complaints from the apartment complex showing prior incidents where Scott was accused of inappropriately touching females, the report states.

When police went to his apartment to question him and asked him if he knew why the police were there, Scott said “probably because of the women at the apartment complex.”

Scott willingly answered the officers’ questions, telling them that touching women on the buttocks was “his way of being friendly,” the report states.

Another police report shows that officers were called to the apartment complex on Dec. 23 by the manager, who said Scott had grabbed the buttocks of a 66-year-old woman as she walked past him. She told officers it was an ongoing issue and was not the first time it happened, the report states.

Scott was given a verbal warning to stop the behavior or he could be charged and evicted from the complex.

However, police were called to the complex again on Christmas Day by a resident who said Scott had grabbed the buttocks of his ex-wife and daughter, but neither of them wanted to file a complaint. The man said he had a room reserved for a party that morning and his daughter was cooking at his apartment and taking food back and forth.

The man said his ex-wife told Scott several times to leave before the party started, but he did not leave until he was told the third time to do so, the report states. The man’s daughter told him Scott had grabbed her while she was in the party room, but she did not want Scott to get in trouble and did not want to file a report.

Because neither woman wanted to give a statement, police were unable to charge Scott at that time, but the report was placed in a file in the manager’s office.

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