YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Rising gas prices, grocery bills higher than they were before for the same items, home improvement projects costing more than the original estimate. The supply chain issues and inflation is causing a rise in prices everywhere we turn.

“I have never seen supply chain, labor issues, price increase, you know, the inflation double in a month on certain materials. I’ve never seen that,” said Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginnetti.

Ginnetti said the Road and Sanitation Departments have been running into some issues when it comes to projects.

“The prices are all out of whack and it’s hard to predict where they’re going to come in at,” said Ginnetti.

Materials such as piping for the sanitation department and asphalt for county road repairs are all made with petroleum, which is seeing some high prices. Ginnetti said the effects of inflation are happening overnight making it difficult to go through with project bids.

“It seems like every project we have out for bid, you’ve got to revisit right before the bid date to make sure that the prices are in line because the prices continue to increase almost seems like overnight,” said Ginnetti.

Ginnetti said some projects are coming in about $1 million over the budget, making it difficult to complete projects that have been in the works for a few years.

“Some of them you have to seriously consider, ‘Can you do the project, or can you do it in its entirety? Do we have to cut back on the project?’ Some we’re not able to modify the scope because of the way the grant funding is. Others we have to see if we can find money to fill the gap,” said Ginnetti.

The budget at the engineer’s office is not calculated to handle inflation, Ginnetti said.

“It’s a bit of an unknown for everybody right now, but we’re doing the best we can to try to muscle through it and hope that prices come back down,” said Ginnetti.

Ginnetti said he is trying to get more funding through grants, the other commissioners, and state legislatures.