CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — Take care of your dogs is the message from Campbell City Council. They voted to approve their new dog tethering ordinance on Wednesday night.

We’re told in no way does the city want to take people’s pets from them, but council members say they do want to protect animals.

Wednesday night, Campbell City Council voted to unanimously approve their new tethering ordinance. It makes tethering animals within the city illegal.

“The ordinance is pretty simple: no tethering,” said 3rd ward councilperson Joseph Mazzocca Jr.

Mazzocca said he’s passionate about this issue because he loves his own dogs.

“It’s your family. You brought them into your house. He didn’t ask to be in your house. You brought them in. Treat him like the family member you say he is,” said Mazzocca.

Council voted 4 to 0 to approve the law.

“If you want to take your dog out and do his business, get some fresh air and you bring it back in. There’s no more day and night, all kinds of weather you’re keeping your dog outside,” said Mazzocca.

This law stems from a problem law enforcement noticed in the city.

“Officer Conroy came to us and showed us pictures of dogs being out day and night. Sleeping underneath trucks and cars. Sleeping underneath porches. No more,” said Mazzocca.

This law he says is to avoid abuse and neglect, not to take pets away.

“Love that dog because he’ll love you back,” said Mazzocca.