LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Executives with Lordstown Motors hope to announce a date soon to resume production of their locally-built Endurance pickup.

During a quarterly conference call with investors and media, CEO Edward Hightower said production had to be stopped last month, and the company’s pickups were recalled because of problems with parts and software.

The recall affected a total of 19 Endurance models that had either been delivered to customers or were being used internally. Hightower called the move “disappointing.”

“We look forward to getting back into production and resuming deliveries. We can get more of them into the hands of customers. We have customers that are looking forward to the delivery, and we are looking forward to getting them to them,” Hightower said.

While a date to re-start production could be announced in a few weeks, executives say they are also working with Foxconn on the development of a new model that would be targeted at potential fleet customers. Hightower did not elaborate any further on that new project.