(WKBN) – This weekend is Easter for the Orthodox churches around the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys. The celebration is for the same reason as other Easters, it just falls on a different date because of the calendar.

A busy Friday at Badurik’s Butcher Block in Mineral Ridge as people were picking up orders and food items for Orthodox Easter.

“Easter is one of richest holidays. And it’s very meaningful of everything that happens, so it’s a staple,” said Sylvia Merisat at the resaurant.

The food staples for other Easters are traditionally ham, lamb and kielbasa. For Orthodox Easter, it’s basically all lamb.

“The orthodox people they do a lot of whole lambs. As well as leg of lambs. They put them on a spit,” said Jimmy Tancabell, a butcher at Badurik’s Butcher Block.

Even lamb loin chop is popular. Badurik’s has been taking lamb orders for weeks, so people are sure to have it on their holiday menu.

All of its lambs came from the northeast Ohio region.

“All about local. All about local. And that’s what we pride ourselves on,” said Tancabell.

That pride shines through at Easter. Badurik’s has multiple workers who are Orthodox, and are ready to celebrate this weekend. They recognize the holiday’s importance for others and for themselves.

“To everybody, have a wonderful Anastasi which is how it’s said in Greek. Happy Easter,” said Merisat.

The meanings and traditions are very similar in the Easter celebrations. One difference is Orthodox churches do not associate bunnies with Easter. 

Russian orthodox churches Easter eggs are usually painted red which is the symbol of Christ’s blood.