(WKBN) – It’s not just today that we should remember the lives lost 81 years ago during the attack on Pearl Harbor, says Jeff Vrabel Jr.. from the American Legion.

He said there are no more living Pearl Harbor survivors in the area anymore, as many of the World War II veterans have passed away.

That’s why, he says, the best way to honor the lives lost is to continue to talk about the events that took place on December 7.

Vrabel urges schools to continue the lessons for students. He said ceremonies are also a great way to remember the historic day.

“It’s very important that we teach the youth because it’s not stories anymore. It’s just what we’re learning about in history books, and we don’t get to listen to people, you know. People younger than us don’t get to hear it firsthand anymore,” he said.

Vrabel said he always urges people to continue to remember those who gave their lives fighting for our country.