Local UAW shop chairman announces resignation, transfer to Kentucky

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Dan Morgan, who was at the forefront of the fight to keep General Motors in Lordstown, has decided to transfer to the plant in Bowling Green

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Dan Morgan, shop chairman at United Auto Workers Local 1112, has decided to resign.

During all of the rallies and demonstrations held to keep General Motors in Lordstown, one person always on the front lines was Dan Morgan.

He repeatedly said he would go down with the ship. Well, now that the ship has sunk and GM sold the plant, Morgan and his wife — who also worked at GM Lordstown — have decided to take their four children and move to Bowling Green, Kentucky to build Corvettes.

In January 2019, two months after GM announced it was closing the Lordstown plant, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown held a discussion at the UAW Local 1112 union hall — and Morgan was there.

“I think General Motors does the right thing and rewards this workforce for the things we’ve done over the last three to five years to make them profitable,” he said that day.

On the day negotiatons began between GM and the UAW, Morgan was in Detroit — his arm raised and fist clenched — wearing a red shirt that read, “Invest in Lordstown.” When he returned home, he expected results.

“I’m confident in our leadership, that they will fight as hard as they possibly can,” Morgan said at the time.

He worked at the Lordstown plant up until December 20. He’s among the last of the local GM employees to accept jobs elsewhere.

As has been the case for the majority of former Lordstown employees, GM gave him little time to make a decision. Morgan starts in Bowling Green next Tuesday.

This past Tuesday, Morgan submitted his resignation letter:

“Brothers and Sisters,

I wanted to thank the membership for the opportunity to serve you.

I was hired almost 25 years ago. On one hand, it feels like a lifetime ago and at the same time, it feels like yesterday. General Motors and the UAW have afforded me more than a job; it’s where I met my wife and enabled me to start a family. It’s where I have made lifelong friends and for that, I am forever grateful.

I have served the membership for almost 19 years, starting out as an alternate committeeman and ending as the shop chairman. I have loved every minute and would not trade if for anything. That’s not saying that knowing what I know now, would I still place my trust in certain individuals or even make the same decisions but we all know how that played out.

I’m proud of our elected and appointed representatives; they served the membership well. I’m proud of our membership and how they fought the good fight. I truly feel nothing was left on the table — there’s nothing more that our members could have done to secure our future. I now think that the fate of Lordstown was decided before negotiations. It killed me as our members were laid off and forced to move across the country, many without their families. While some chose to retire, others chose to sever ties altogether.

I stood in front of the membership at our regular union meetings giving my report and finished by saying I would go down with the ship, but not really believing that would happen. I believed our membership would be rewarded for their hard work and sacrifice to the company and the support and dedication we had for the international union. Well…here we are. I stayed and fought as long as I could and became a thorn in their side until I turned the lights off in my office and swiped my badge for the last time at the Lordstown Complex.

I will continue my journey with General Motors and the UAW with Local 2164 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, along with my wife and four children. This will be a new adventure for us and who knows what the future holds? Serving the membership and taking the fight to management is in my blood. I will continue to be here for any member who needs help. I know this will not be my last letter to you.

In Solidarity,
Dan Morgan”

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