JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Veterans Day is celebrated around the country to honor those in the military. For students at Jackson-Milton, they’re honoring veterans in a unique way this year.

Every year, students at Jackson-Milton schools find a creative way to show their appreciation for veterans, and this year was no different. National Honor Society students held a fundraiser through October selling American flags. They raised over $1,000 for the Disabled American Veterans organization– 102 flags decorate the “Field of Flags” display in the front of the school.

“Means that we respect the veterans and we respect what they’ve done for us. It shows that our kids understand the sacrifices that the veterans made for us,” said David Vega, principal.

The fundraiser ties into the school’s Veterans Day assembly on Nov. 10. The program will feature the school band and student speakers honoring local veterans. Sophomore Leah Jacobs is one of them. She’ll talk about how the sacrifices of veterans led to the rights and freedoms Americans have today.

“Trying to highlight the aspect of this what they actually fought for. All these things you do in your daily life. That’s what ends up being tied to what the veteran’s service was,” Jacobs said.

For sophomore Abigail Bueno, Veterans Day is a day to thank her grandpa who was sent overseas. She says her grandpa wrote dozens of letters to stay in touch with her grandma while he served.

“He wrote my grandma letters every day about getting married and how he wanted to marry her, and he was asking them questions and always wanted to stay connected to her,” Bueno said.

The “Field of Flags” will be on display November 6-10.