HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Hubbard High School students took their physics lesson to the community swimming pool.

The high school conducted its first Eagle Regatta Friday afternoon that included 13 homemade boats.

Using only cardboard and duct tape, the students built their vessels and oars hoping to make it 25 meters across the pool without sinking.

Junior Nicholas Bowser saw the idea online and asked his teachers if the class could do something similar. He says it made physics class fun.

“You gotta figure out different ways to make things move because like with regular boats, they’re usually V-shaped, but with the way cardboard and duct tape is used, you can’t really do it because it doesn’t have enough bottom weight. It doesn’t have enough weight for it to sit down in, it will just fall over,” he said.

Physics teacher Irene Pizanias says they used to do this same lesson on a smaller scale using aluminum foil and a fish tank.

“They’ve just taken this and ran with it and the kids are having so much fun and the teamwork has been phenomenal. Everybody’s really pitched in and carried their own weight and done a phenomenal job,” she said.

The students have worked on the boats once a week on Fridays since winter break.