Local students build robotic gardener from scratch

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VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) – With some help from their teacher, two Mathews High School students have built and programmed a robotic gardener.

It’s a “functional” aspect of robots that the robotics club has big plans for, hoping to make their salsa garden completely automated next year.

“I mean, look at it. It’s very, it’s very, it’s beautiful,” said junior Ben Stewart.

This robotic machine called FarmBot takes the labor out of gardening.

“Basically, when you program it, you just give it coordinates and it goes there. That’s like the simplest way you can describe it,” Stewart said.

“It plants, waters, it’ll weed,” said technology educator George Garrett. “I thought it would be really something our kids would be interested in based on our, like, where we live, and this is an interest part that’s out here with all the farming land and this is like a combination of technology and farming.”

The two students put it all together.

“It’s basically like a big Lego set but like advanced so every nut and bolt we had to put on here, even the table, which is crazy,” said junior Carson Palette.

“We are programming it almost from scratch to tell it exactly what to do and the way we want to do it,” Garrett said.

It has been up and running inside a classroom at Mathews High School for about a month.

“When you build something, it’s nice to see it actually function,” Stewart said.

Although they’re still learning the ins and outs of their FarmBot, they have high hopes for next year’s crop.

“We actually want to have a salsa garden by the senior year, have it completely autonomous, planting fresh seeds and all the way up to harvest. So that would be cool,” Stewart said.

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