Local schools discuss fall plans amid COVID-19, delta variant concerns

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(WKBN) – Even though many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, there’s still a question on what schools are planning for this year.

For 15 months, schools had to alter course for the health of their staff and students. While concerns about the delta variant rise, schools are working to prepare for this year.

In Crestview, they are remodeling a room connected to the elementary school for student’s physical and mental health.

“We have a collaborative agreement with Quickmed medical. So if you need a flu test, a COVID test, it’s right here on campus,” said Crestview superintendent Matthew Manley.

There are two entrances, but people must be buzzed in. Columbiana slowed down its planning process in May because of all the changes the governor made in June. They wanted to meet with the Columbiana County Health Department first.

“What we don’t know is still yet to come,” said Columbiana superintendent Donald Mook. “We’re going to try and establish plans centered around the health department, the Ohio Department of Health. The governor can come in and change the game in any moment.”

On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that all children should wear masks in school this fall, even if they are vaccinated. If this becomes mandatory, schools will have to enforce the rule.

“I think we need to be logical on how we do what we do. If we have an outbreak, I think that it’s pretty logical to say, it’s best that we go, maybe it’s by building, maybe it’s by grade level, maybe it’s only a classroom,” Mook said.

“Being in school five days a week, full capacity and keeping our children safe,” Manley said.

At this point, schools have not received guidance from the state. School leaders say they just need to be ready for anything.

“There were days on one day we did one thing and the next day, we did another, last year,” Manley said.

“I think if we have an outbreak and it’s logical to step backwards and do what we’re doing, I think our community is going to embrace it,” Mook said.

All of Columbiana County’s school superintendents will meet with the health department on July 29.

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