SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – The Salvation Army in Sharon was busy delivering Thanksgiving meals to the community on Thanksgiving morning.

Around 80 church members and volunteers helped cook, box up and deliver meals to people around Mercer County. The Kennedy Catholic girls’ basketball team even pitched in to help.

Nearly 400 free meals went out to people in need of a Thanksgiving dinner.

The Salvation Army in Sharon hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at their facility for over 30 years. The pandemic altered those plans, but that won’t stop them from serving their community.

“This is an important time. It all started 33 years ago when they saw there was a need with senior citizens who were locked in and had no place to go for Thanksgiving. And so from that moment on, we’ve been delivering to those that are shut in, those that are in need,” said Major David Childs of the Salvation Army.

Childs hopes to bring back the Salvation Army’s in-house dinner next year for Thanksgiving.