STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – A local restaurant has experienced the many effects of inflation.

Selah’s restaurant in Struthers has been in the community for over a decade. Recently, owners noticed the prices of food and utilities have been going up.

Owner Brian Palumbo said, “Our trucks now are up between $700-$800 increase per order.”

Palumbo said their prices have gone from roughly $1,000 to $1,800 with orders coming in multiple times a week. The problem with food orders is they don’t know which prices will get hiked up. They have seen the price increase in chicken, beef and even butter.

With costs going up, Selah’s had to raise prices about 5% a plate.

“We weren’t trying to gouge. We just need to maintain the same profit margin,” Palumbo said.

While the restaurant’s food prices continue to rise, so does its cost of labor. Palumbo said payroll is now higher than a third of what they bring in. He said he believes his employees have been fairly paid, and his customers have been good tippers.

Even though Selah’s, like others, is being hit hard, Palumbo did want to make one thing clear about the restaurant: “This is not a sinking ship.”