TRUMBULL CO., Ohio (WKBN) – On Tuesday, the 910th Airlift Wing from the Youngstown Air Reserve Station met with Trumbull County high school principals to speak about the history, current state and future direction of the military.

A few local principals in the crowd are military veterans. We spoke with them about how their experiences in the military have helped shape them into strong leaders in education.

Leadership is an important trait in any profession and is no different in the field of education. A few Trumbull County educators have a background in military service. This may be due to the transferable skills from the military to the schoolhouse.

“The military gives you discipline, self-discipline, respect for others. Gives you that selfless idea that you are doing something greater than yourself,” said Scott Libert, principal of Girard High School and a Navy veteran.

Military veterans have experience managing a team and setting goals, all of which are valuable in educational roles.

“It teaches you leadership skills from working in teams and helping your fellow co-workers accomplish goals,” said Gary Carkido, principal of McDonald High School and a veteran of the Army National Guard.

The rigorous schedule of military members is similar for educators. Staying organized, being adaptable and making quick decisions go a long way in both fields.

“We’re always planning and always looking into the future, so you got to build upon skills that you have, and any aspect of education can relate to that,” Libert said.

Libert says his experiences in the Navy have given him the confidence in education to lead and not back down from challenges.

“You have to have people be able to follow you. If you’re not confident, they’re not going to have that confidence in you and they’re not going to follow you,” Libert said.