WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – It would appear that Trumbull County Commissioner Niki Frenchko has lost the support of the Trumbull County Republican Party.

In a resolution dated Oct. 24, the officers of the Trumbull County Republican Party voted to formally censure Frenchko based on several allegations.

The resolution accuses Frenchko of criticizing and making disparaging remarks against the Republican Party, its members, officers and candidates via email, social media and also publicly, which the group says is a violation of its bylaws.

They also say that her actions are not “befitting a Republican Officer or representative of the Republican party.”

The resolution says that Frenchko and other candidates were notified on Aug. 22 that actions were under scrutiny and candidates would lose the party’s support if those actions were deemed unfitting.

The impact of the resolution means that Frenchko will no longer be allowed in party headquarters, she will not receive support from the party organization monetarily or by mention on the 2024 slate cards.

A letter dated Oct. 25 to committee members from Chairman Mike Bollas, 1st Vice Chair Jim Dunlap, 2nd Vice Chair Kathi Creed, Treasurer Cheryl Tennant and Secretary Marleah Campbell says that a confrontation took place Oct. 21 at party headquarters on Route 46 where 2024 Republican candidates were being hosted, which precipitated the resolution.

The letter says that Frenchko attended, caused a disturbance and Howland police were called.

The details of the disturbance described in the letter to committee members say that Frenchko was disruptive and took pictures and video inside the headquarters, which is not permitted, and that she was told several times to stop but she would not. She was asked to leave and Howland police were called.

West Farmington Mayor and precinct committee member Shirley McIntosh was at the event. In fact, she came through the door with Frenchko and said the first thing she saw was a man with a t-shirt on displaying a disparaging sign against Frenchko.

Courtesy: Niki Frenchko

“I think the fact that they had that man standing there behind the desk was purposeful to get under her skin. They were looking for a reaction, bait her and get a negative reaction or spin on her attendance,” McIntosh said.

McIntosh went on to say that she did not witness any disturbance at all. She said Frenchko ignored the man and his t-shirt and continued talking with others at the gathering. At one point, she said Frenchko took a photograph with Representative Mike Loychik, a photo that she says shows Chairman Bollas putting his hand in front of her.

Courtesy: Niki Frenchko

McIntosh said that Bollas asked Frenchko to turn off her phone because taking pictures and video inside the office was against the rules. McIntosh said when she pressed Bollas about the guidelines she said he responded, “It’s my rule. And you can leave, too.”

A special meeting was held Oct. 24 with party officers and the resolution to censure Frenchko was drawn up, according to the letter.

“Patriotic Republican voters elected me. I work for them, not the few RINO (Republican in Name Only) party bosses who make decisions behind the scenes,” Frenchko said. “The GOP Karens’ Club does not speak for “we the people” constitutional conservatives who support my re-election and value freedom of speech.”