BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Homecoming season is here and parents of teenagers know it can be expensive. Diva Donations provides an alternative and has a new location.

The clothing racks for Diva Donations are in a new place. The dresses now hang in Boardman, using the ground floor of a former church. Diva Donations is renting the space from Believers Church, which now owns the building.

“We looked long and hard. We were getting a little nervous and then this opened up and it couldn’t be more perfect. We love it,” said Allison Saxon, vice president of Diva Donations.

“It feels like a whole new world for us,” said Kristin Bodendorfer, founder of Diva Donations.

The shop had to move when its lease wasn’t renewed at its old home. Diva Donations is a formal clothing closet that helps girls afford big events.

“Girls can come and borrow a dress, shoes and jewelry in exchange for two hours of volunteer service helping any 501(c)(3) charity in their area,” Bodendorfer said.

There are 2,500 homecoming dresses and prom dresses are still to come. Everybody should be able to find something, even shoes to match.

Diva Donations has a volunteer who helps each person. They can get a dress, jewelry, shoes and even a purse to finish the outfit.

“So that’s what’s different about us is that they get the whole experience, everything from head to toe,” Saxon said.

Diva Donations helps 600 people a year. It plans to sell wedding dresses and have a party room. It also wants to attract sponsors to help girls for homecoming or prom.

Diva Donations is going to need new revenue sources since the new rent is four times higher than what it was paying.

“That can help us to stay in this location and pay the bills that we need to pay so we’re here for everybody,” Saxon said.

Diva Donations also has vintage clothing for sale. Think about that if you need a Halloween costume.

Diva Donations is right at the corner of Western Reserve and Hitchcock roads.