(WKBN) – If you think you may have a hernia, Steward Medical Group is offering free screenings this week.

Patients may experience a number of signs and symptoms. The most common is a bulge in the abdomen, pelvis or groin plus pain or discomfort in the stomach.

Timothy Hoch was hesitant to fix his hernia at first but he underwent robotic surgery and says it was painless and he healed quickly.

His surgeon, Dr. Pablo Giuseppucci, says it’s important to get it taken care of early since hernias can grow.

“Screening is very, very important. That’s why I’m trying to tell everybody I can you need screening,” Hoch said.

“From the surgical prospective, it’s always easier technically to do a surgery on a hernia when it’s a small and not fully developed yet rather than a hernia when it’s large, complicated with bowel contents or things like that,” Dr. Giuseppucci said.

The free screenings are taking place this week at Steward locations in Warren, Austintown and Cortland.

To schedule an appointment, people can call 330-841-7130 or visit Trumbull Regional Health Center’s website.