MERCER CO., Pa. (WKBN) – The Humane Society of Mercer County has new information on its new building. The shelter is also in the process of coming up with an innovative way to provide more space for dogs.

The new building has two large rooms that are housing new intakes and adoptable cats. There is electricity and water running throughout the building as well as working laundry machines.

Mercer County Humane Agent Paul Tobin says they have two more rooms that are almost useable.

“We have a heat and A/C unit that’s going to take care of those two rooms. Once that gets put in, they’re pretty much ready to go,” says Tobin.

The building doesn’t have a big enough space for dogs, so Tobin found a different way to shelter the dogs using storage containers.

“The containers, we had for storage. And it was just kind of one of those things,” says Tobin. “I happened to see a few things [on social media], following some stuff about how they make all these crazy houses out of these containers.”

Each container can house dogs in five separate kennels. They have electricity, water, heat and air conditioning. Tobin says it is very cost effective.

“Instead of not having the large amount of funds that we would need inside the building, we were literally able to put this together for roughly about $3,000,” says Tobin.

There are also plans to add a canopy over the 20-foot play area between the two containers, so the dogs will have outdoor access all year round. This will provide them with approximately 1,600 square feet for the $3,000 cost of the canopy itself.

According to Tobin, the shipping containers are a good temporary solution, but the main goal is to raise more money and continue to make improvements on the building.