(WYTV) – A local contestant had many of the right questions Friday night on Jeopardy.

Boardman and Westminster graduate Kelly Lake said she has grown up watching the game show and even tried to get on it multiple times.

She said the experience felt very surreal and that she was very excited to meet Alex Trebek.

During the game, Lake scored big at the end of round two, knowing a decompression chamber was also a hyperbaric chamber. She had the lead by over $3,000.

In Final Jeopardy, contestants had to figure out “a woman called a magician with language who understood the power of words.”

Lake guessed Maya Angelou, but the correct answer was Toni Morrison, giving the returning champion a fourth straight win.

She still won $1,000 and said her love of reading helped get her through the game.

“I feel like once the game started, I was very focused. It still felt like it was going very fast and was kind of a blur, but I felt like I was totally focused on the game once it started,” she said.

Lake’s mother and father work for WKBN/WYTV News.