(WKBN) — September marks the beginning of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

For ten years in a row, the Mary Rose Flanagan Ovarian Cancer Foundation in Canfield has been coloring the city with teal ribbons to represent ovarian cancer.

“Turn the Towns Teal” is a national campaign to raise awareness and knowledge about ovarian cancer. Erin Lonsway is the executive director of the Mary Rose Flanagan Ovarian Cancer Foundation. It is in honor of her mom, who battled ovarian cancer and passed away.

“It’s typically called the silent cancer because they say there are no symptoms, there are symptoms but they are very subtle,” said Lonsway.

According to American Association for Cancer Research, ovarian cancer usually goes undetected until later stages because symptoms tend to be minor or mistaken for normal pains like back pain, belly bloat or fatigue.

The survival rate is low with a five-year survival rate of 49.1%.

Lonsway said knowing the symptoms could save your life.

“We never know but maybe if my mom did know that her subtle belly ache ended up being ovarian cancer maybe she could have caught it at the early stages,” said Lonsway.

Ribbons and signs are hung up throughout Central Square Downtown to help raise awareness. Lonsway said her and her team are very proud to be doing this year after year.

“Know the symptoms, know that if something does persist, know that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad disease, something that lasts longer than two weeks normally needs attention,” said Lonsway.

The Rose Mary Flanagan Ovarian Cancer Foundation will also have another event coming up. Visit their website for more information.