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In the year of COVID-19, a lot of things were unknown, especially to front line responders who had to deal with the virus up close

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Emergency Medical Service Week begins May 16 all over the nation as first responders and paramedics are celebrated for their heroism.

It’s a special week of giving thanks to local EMTs and paramedics, but it’s even more so after the year of the coronavirus pandemic.

EMS personnel are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week — ready for when people need them.

“There are literally times when the person is literally taking their last breath as we walk in and we have to stabilize those patients and do everything we can to keep them alive until we do get them to the hospital,” said Captain Robert Tieche, Cardinal Joint Fire District in Canfield.

In the year of COVID-19, a lot of things were unknown, especially to front line responders who had to deal with the virus up close.

They had no idea what they were walking in to each time they got a call and were afraid of bringing it back home with them to their families. But they did it all to help those in need.

“We had to make a lot of adjustments on the fly and you know, obviously protect ourselves and protect the people that were out there. We had to do things that we had never been asked to do before,” Tieche said.

The ambulance services have come a long way. Almost everything one would use in the emergency room is in the ambulance, from the drugs they can administer to the machines that help save lives.

Thomas Lambert, chief of operations at Lane Life Trans, says this week isn’t just about recognizing EMS, it’s to see how it has progressed.

“It’s come a long way in the last 30 years, it’s come a long way in the last 10 years with protocols and everything,” Lambert said. “There’s a lot more technology out there that is better for the patient and I think, you know, this time of year, this week is a good time to recognize all that.”

Lane Life Trans is having a picnic for the employees this week. As for the fire department, they say they always welcome food or treats at the fire station.

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