SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – On Tuesday, fire chiefs from Western Pennsylvania held a training demonstration in Sharon, but it wasn’t your typical house or car fire, instead, it was a plane.

Dozens of chiefs, including those from Sharon, Hermitage and Farrell, learned about plane fires and the new training equipment that helps them learn about emergencies just like this.

Kirila Fire owns the training equipment. They are based out of Trumbull County.

“Because of this panic situation, you need to be very comfortable in the techniques and the tactics that you’re performing to do your firefighting,” said Jerry Kirila, owner of Kirila Fire.

Kirila’s company employs 50 people and they do training simulations all over the world.

Those participating in Tuesday’s training said it’s important to be well-prepared for stressful situations like these.

“Something that’s high risk but low frequency. It doesn’t happen very often but there’s a huge risk. I mean, we recognize that there’s airports, you know, within a close distance. You know, the Youngstown airports are close to us,” said Sharon Fire Chief Bob Fiscus.

Fiscus adds the department is honored to host the training for fire chiefs from across the Western Pennsylvania region.