Local farmers concerned about cornfields, especially with recent flooding

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Larry Garlock, of Kinsman, says he expects some loss of corn

KINSMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s no surprise that all the rain this year has affected farmers and their lands. Sunday’s flooding made it even harder for farmers who just can’t catch a break.

One landowner in the Kinsman area said, “I think it’s the most water I’ve ever seen in my life here.”

Larry Garlock owns the land on the north side of Kinsman-Nickerson Road.

As you travel down that road, you’ll notice some corn stalks lying flat on the south side of the road. If you look across the road to the north, there are even more corn stalks down, surrounded by some flooding.

Garlock says he expects some loss of corn.

“When you see corn that should be standing up like this and tousling down flat, yeah there’s going to be some loss. I just don’t think it’s going to be a whole total loss,” Garlock said.

This just seems to be a continuation of farmers constantly having trouble planting this year.

“Well, sure, it’s been bad. It’s been wet all over. There’s a lot of fields that aren’t even planted yet,” Garlock said. “That’s part of farming. Some years are good, some years are bad.”

But Garlock says he’s starting to see some corn come back to life.

“I rode down there, just about a half an hour ago and some of the corn is starting to stand back up again. I don’t think it will ever all stand up, but they’ll probably make a crop off it,” Garlock said.

In the end, Garlock says the weather will always be a factor for farmers.

“You live with it and get on with it, that’s all. Mother Nature is Mother Nature, no one controls her,” Garlock said. “You can’t do a thing about it, other than live with it. That’s what farming is, pretty much.”

Garlock said he was a farmer for years but another man now farms the land he owns. Garlock just rents it to him.

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