PETERSBURG, Ohio (WYTV) – Back in June, we introduced you to Petersburg teen, Ruby Withers. She was on her way to compete at a national pageant at the time, but now she has a different title.

Sixteen-year-old Ruby was crowned Miss United States Agriculture Ohio and would represent the state at the national competition in Florida, placing in the top 10.

“It was just a great competition, and I’m very proud with how it went,” Ruby said.

The fifth generation dairy farmer was inspired to try pageantry after seeing social media posts, which is how she entered her first major pageant.

And now her second.

Miss Teen World America Ohio 2020 was holding a picture contest, and it helped send her to the statewide pageant held in Canton.

“I was in the top five, so I got $50 off my entry fee, and my mom was like, why not? So I entered,” Ruby said.

Ruby won the Miss Teen World America Ohio pageant, beating out some contestantss that were six years older than her.

Now, she prepares for her second national pageant this year the same way she prepared for her last one.

Ruby doesn’t have any coaches and she doesn’t hire anyone to do her hair and makeup.

Everything she does to practice and prepare she learns from YouTube videos.

“With not even knowing anything about pageantry when I started, it’s been really educational and really amazing,” she said.

Ruby will be competing for Miss Teen World America virtually this year, and she will be required to submit a video.

If she makes it to the world pageant, she’ll have to wait until next year to complete in person.

While this pageant doesn’t feature agriculture, the dairy farmer turned pageant queen is using this platform to advocate for it.

“I get to spread the word about agriculture and show other women that they can do anything, and even if they don’t know about it, they can start anywhere,” Ruby said.

Her goal is to work hand-in-hand with America farmers and food banks to help end child hunger.

Miss Teen World America will be live streamed for anyone who wants to watch Ruby compete.