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You might not feel ready for the cold weather, but some of your favorite produce is

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The colder temperatures are now settling in permanently. So what does that mean for your gardens and plants?

You might not feel ready for the cold weather, but some of your favorite produce is. Carl Angiuli, with Angiuli’s Farm Market, said some plants such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower will continue to grow into December.

All the summer crops such as tomatoes, peppers and potatoes have already been harvested at Angiuli’s. They store the produce in their greenhouse to keep it fresh for customers over the next few months. That is something at-home gardeners can do, too.

“Don’t throw them away or think they are a waste, so harvest your green tomatoes and keep them in a warm place and they will slowly ripen,” Angiuli said.

If your produce is still growing, bring the plants inside. Angiuli says even for beginners, there are ways to grow your own things at home.

“The most successful way to do it is if you would be able to get a small grow light. You set up a grow light and then you have your pots where you can easily germinate some herbs like basil, parsley, kale,” Angiuli said.

If you can’t get a grow light, Angiuli says put your plants in a window that faces south. That way, it will get the most sunlight throughout the day. He also says it’s best to not water them too much.

“You want to keep them more on the drier side than too wet. If your plants are too wet, they will start to get root rot and they will die.”

Whether you’re a beginner or already have a green thumb, Angiuli has one important reminder – never put your tomatoes in the refrigerator.

“We like to keep our tomatoes about 50-degree temperature. If they get below 50 degrees, then they start to lose their flavor,” he said.

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