Local experts advise children to stop making do-it-yourself slime

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Do-it-yourself slime is currently the latest craze with children, but experts are warning against it, saying it can be really dangerous.

This is due to the slime being made with household products such as Borax, Elmer’s Glue and water. But, it’s what’s in the popular laundry booster and household cleaner Borax that is hazardous, harming children and making them sick, especially when mixed with glue.

According to Dr. Mike Sevilla of the Family Practice Center of Salem, many people don’t know what Borax really is. It’s a salt of boric acid.

“What people don’t know about boric acid is it’s actually a pesticide,” he said.

And a dangerous one at that.

“It can cause a lot of irritation. It can cause irritation in the eyes and the respiratory system, especially if it’s full-strength, it can cause a lot of damage,” Sevilla said.

Mike Smith of Boardman says his children used to make slime.

“I understood that Borax is a chemical and that it’s not good for you to be in contact with. They used it one time and we realized what it did to their hands and we said no way after that,” he said.

After playing with it for too long, he noticed his children started getting rashes on their hands. He thought it was a chemical burn.

Smith also noticed that ever since they started playing with it, his children have been to the doctor’s office a lot more.

“Noticed that this year they got colds a lot more frequently than they have in the past,” he said.

It’s hard to say if the slime was the only thing to blame, but just to be safe Smith threw away all of the slime in his house.

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