Local dog trainers offer online courses for new pup owners amid stay-at-home orders

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The trainers say it's also important to address issues before the stay-at-home order is lifted

(WYTV) – One positive side of the stay-at-home order is that more people are adopting or fostering pets.

But with training facilities closed, how do you get your pup the training it might need? Plus, when the stay-at-home order is lifted, how do dogs adjust?

Whether you’re training your new puppy or want to teach your old dog new tricks, experts say sooner is better.

With people using this time to take in a new furry companion, local training facilities are offering virtual classes.

“We’re actually able to get a lot of things that we wouldn’t see in a classroom because they’re in their home environment,” said Katie Costello, of the Canine Campus.

“Just to get them some tips to help them out with some of those problem issues that are surfacing right now,” said Jenny Falvey, of Dogsmartz Unleashed.

Both the Costello and Falvey say now is a great time to get your puppy the training it might need, because they know it’s not an easy task.

“It’s hard. It’s the fun, fluffy puppy, and all of a sudden, they turn into biting machines, and they’re having accidents all over the house. So, we try to remind them that it’s a small part of their life, and they’ll get through it,” Falvey said.

One of the big issues is that virtual classes don’t offer socialization with other dogs and people. The trainers say getting your dog exposure by just sitting in your front yard or going on car rides is good enough for now.

And while most people can’t wait for the stay at-home-order to be lifted, experts say it could cause some issues for pets.

“They are social animals, and they do love to be with people, and all of a sudden, we’re leaving them again for eight to 10 hours,” Costello said.

“It can be hugely traumatic for them because we have thrown their schedules off,” Falvey said.

They say dogs can start to develop extreme anxiety, separation issues and stress, but there are ways to prevent it.

“We want to make sure we are giving them opportunities to be left alone, because you can see destruction, you can see panic behaviors, and so the more we can try and prevent that now, the better we’ll be when we go back to work,” Falvey said.

For more information, visit Dogsmartz’s Facebook page or website or Canine Campus’ website or Facebook page.

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