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Local doctors stress the dangers of heat illnesses during summer months

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Doctors commonly see heat illnesses in people who work outside, like landscapers or construction workers

(WYTV) – As people itch to get out of the house or work outside all day in the hot temperatures, local doctors want everyone to remain aware of the dangers that come with it.

“Here in the urgent care we will see several cases of heat exhaustion during the summertime,” said Dr. Roman Davidenko.

Davidenko is a family physician from Steward Urgent Care in Austintown. He said people who work outside all day need to know the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat exhaustion symptoms can include excessive thirst, fatigue, weakness, body aches, clammy skin and fast heart rate.

“Once the body temperature goes about 104 and the patient starts to feel confused, so once they start having altered mental status, that’s how we know we’re moving into the heat stroke,” Davidenko said.

Doctors commonly see heat illnesses in people who work outside, like landscapers or construction workers. It is also commonly seen among the elderly and athletes.

“They probably should do electrolyte replacement like beverages, Gatorade, Powerade because they’re going to actually lose salt as well as fluid,” said Dr. Fareedah Goodwin-Capers from Mercy Health.

She said you shouldn’t avoid exercise and outdoor activity if you’re worried about heat illness or wearing a mask.

“Go to parks that are maybe a little less often used. Go on a bike trail so you’re not all enclosed with a lot of other people because those are times that you don’t have to have masks on. It’s mandated when you’re around a cluster of people and indoors,” Goodwin-Capers said.

Doctors said if you’re experiencing signs of a heat stroke, you should seek emergency medical attention.

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